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questions on Sunday 8/13/23

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Paul Walhus
8:53:06 AM
The Thread Specification is an open standard for reliable, cost-effective, low-power, secure, wireless IPv6 communication. It is designed specifically for connected home and commercial applications where IP-based networking is desired and a variety of application layers can be used on the same network.

Alex is using the Sony Alpha ZV-E10

9:02:18 AM

9:03:10 AM
Now answering question from @Paul Walhus:
[General Questions] Have you ever taken down your whole setup and rebuilt it from scratch?

Now answering question from @Paul Walhus:
[General Questions] Can we do an OH cooking show?

9:28:44 AM
The smart home needed Matter, a universal language for connected devices that lets them talk to each other no matter who made them. But did it need Thread? We already had plenty of wireless protocols for most use cases — Zigbee for lighting, Z-Wave for security systems, Bluetooth for proximity control of devices like locks, and Wi-Fi for high-bandwidth needs such as cameras. If Matter had provided a secure, simple, local way to unify those protocols, it might be in a better place today.

Instead, Matter chose to use Wi-Fi and Thread for wireless communication, with other protocols needing to “bridge” into Matter, Apple HomeKit will be rebranded too, from my sources

9:35:51 AM

I’m in, let’s do a cooking show. I have 4 kitchens ready to go.

[General Questions] Thread protocol robust mesh network is designed to solve smart homes biggest problems.
Can everyone can agree on how to use it?

10:25:33 AM
You hit my softball out of the park, @Nigel Dessau

I got a SXSW Panelpicker proposal for OH approved last year but we backed out in favor of just walking around the at the trade show.

Now answering question from @Paul Walhus:
[General Questions] Here is a video of a segway/stabilizer rig I made at the Center for Autonomous Robotics, Austin. Please show vid. Would this be the way to do a Siggraph etc run through?

Now answering question from @Paul Walhus:
[General Questions] Comment on the postmodern ecotopia Neom/Line being built on the Saudi nw coast. It is a narrow urban strip 106 miles long with no roads, no cars and no pollution. I’m thinking this would be great to connect Dallas, Houston, Austin, and San Antonio.

Now answering question from @Paul Walhus:
[General Questions] Is there a piano keyboard that will light up keys that I need to press to make music? Or a software program that does that? I’m not very musical.

11:01:26 AM
@Paul Walhus – Yes, Casio learning keyboards.

Didn’t get to ask these:

A new web crawler dramatically expands the amount of data OpenAI’s models will train on, but the company says you can opt out to prevent it from visiting your website.
An LK-99 room temperature “meme coin” skyrocketed in early trading $3 mil volume in first 24 trading hours. What is a “meme coin” like this and Dogecoin which is becoming the currency of X formerly twitter?
Chrome keeps popping up this message on my Mac m1 running Sonoma. Make Chrome Faster. Memory Saver frees up memory from inactive tabs so it can be used by active tabs and other apps. Where is this coming from? Good/bad Idea?
Discuss 3dMD – dynamic-4D 3dMD capture systems, powered by 3dMD software, are enabling Computer Vision, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, XR/VR/AR . . .
Discuss how luxury brands — MIT, Apple, Hermès, etc. — are built on artificial choking via supply pricing strategies, production, and visas.
Discuss whether apple is a luxury brand and/or uses production capacity to artificially inflate prices.
How do you verify your Threads profile on Mastodon? Like in this discussion.
In crypto, PayPal launches a Stablecoin in the latest crypto payments push. Will this be the breakthrough crypto needs right now?
Is there a quad monitor bigger than the LG 43” ?
Participation Tracker measures speaking in real-time, so it’s clear when someone hasn’t gotten a chance to speak or when it might be time to pass the mic in your Zoom meeting. Discuss.
Siggraph. Is it pronounced see graph, sis graph, or sig graph? How do you say it and what is the derivation of the word?
TV of the year is $1300 on amazon for 55″ Class OLED S90C, too good to pass up? And open boxes around a grand.

Is the FX-4CR the most incredible radio you’ve ever seen?TX and RX on 80-6m2.0″TFT display screenSpectrum display and 48 kHz waterfall plotDual VFO operation (VFO A and B) with split mode operation

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