Office Hours Production Stories 8/21/23 Paul Walhus, panelist


00:05:00 Morning Everyone! Would the panel mind rating my remote kit to send out for interviews, cooking classes, demos, etc. – 15″ Macbook Air, 2 insta360links, MV7 w/tabletop stand, laptop riser, aputure MT lights, & Linsoul KZs. Thoughts? Suggestions? Thx

00:11:37 Last week I asked about wireless microphones with a feedback channel. Was told that they wouldn’t be cheap, but then found the Saramonic vlink2 kit2. What stage headset would you recommend for talent with both earpiece and mic?

00:15:17 Would a film festival like Toronto or SXSW be a thing for OH coverage like we do at NAMM, NAB, Siiggraph etc?

00:21:09 With UK regulators green lighting VMware’s acquisition by Broadcom, what other desktop virtualization products would you recommend on macOS?

00:21:31 My main computer is a m1 MacBook Air and I am currently pushing it to a 27″ sceptre gaming monitor + duet & iPad. The built in monitor is a little too small for me to enjoy using it as a second monitor. Should I just get a bigger main monitor?

00:22:58 I bought a Saramonic for remotes with my iPhone, I want to use it with my iPad but it uses usb c. Is there a lightning to usb c convertor (that works) ?

00:24:31 LG Gram laptop is 2 lbs, 120Hz OLED, color changing chasis! That’s right, the lid can change colors from blue to orange to pink. Invisible touchpad. A winner? Discuss. [link]

00:25:19 Is it possible to rename USB devices at the driver/device level in OS X? Reason being – I want to do an A/B comparison of the Shure X2U and MX2U and both show up as Shure Digital…. I have two identicall AKG 451s ready to go

00:27:55 I have finally cut the cord, i am using Apple TV boxes, I have several streaming services, do I also need YouTube ?

00:32:35 One panelist suggested you have some “walking music” at trade shows like NAB coming up. What about this idea of having some bells and whistles like this?

00:34:06 At Siggraph Mike Seymour talked about doing foreign language dubs with A.I. mouth shaping. Is this a relatively new process? Is cost an issue or will old movies soon be redubbed into many “shaped”languages?

00:36:27 I have a streamdeck plus I and I understand that buttons can be animated. I would like to develop for the vision pro . Has anyone designed animated icons on the streamdeck for eventual use in VisionOS?

00:37:19 Looking to rack mount a few Streamdecks and not afraid of taking things apart? Check this out – 4x 15 & 2×32 flavors…. [link]

00:40:23 Alex is Apple still on track to “Go Private” in 2024

00:43:53 When it comes to travel for leisure, what are some of the gadgets or tech that you won’t leave home without them?

00:45:53 I asked a question Saturday that wasn’t clear. So I reword it now. Goods coming directly from China work worse than the same exact goods coming from Amazon or other US sources. Correct?

00:46:46 In the US, many people with speech disabilities use the Telecommunications Relay Service. For those that acquire speech disabilities later in life, could Apple’s Personal Voice technology connected to the phone be a game-changer?

00:47:11 Last one for me today – MBA M2 and a Korg Nano Kontrol. USB Mini on the Korg to USB A } USB A to USB C adapter. Powerlight pops on and goes out, and device is not recognized. Hows Chris connecting his NanoKontrol?

00:49:18 Come Jan-Feb 2024 I would love/dream to livestream a concert in Atmos. How would this possible Hardware & live Platform costs? I owner of ATEM mini extreme ISO and colleagues are audio engineers. Tommorrow land did it.

00:54:19 I wanna buy an Apple TV for my quite vision impaired mother, so she can watch YT gynmastic Videos from her iPad on a big screen. Should I buy an older one from ebay or a current one? Advantages/ disadvantages? Never used a newer one than Gen. 3

00:56:29 Participation Tracker measures speaking in real-time, so it’s clear when someone hasn’t gotten a chance to speak or when it might be time to pass the mic in your Zoom meeting. Discuss. [link]

00:58:17 If you were recording a concert via multitrack from the console and you wanted to add Atmos ambience, would a mic like the Sennheiser AMBEO VR MIC be what you want? ([link])

00:59:03 If you’re using an M1 Mac mini for ZoomISO, is there any situation where you would capture at 60 frames-per-second over 30 frames-per-second?

00:59:49 It seems like the social media companies are investing a lot in AI technology to moderate content at scale. Do you think human moderators will ever become a thing of the past?

01:00:50 Can I share my YT Premium Account with my relatives and create like a separate user, which doesn´t see and influence my YT playlists?

01:01:47 In an article about Tomorrowland, they mention 180 input channels coming from the stage. Where could all those channels be coming from if it’s a DJ-centric event with DJs mixing prerecorded tracks?

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