iPhone LiDAR and Photogrammetry for Unreal Engine 8/22/23

Nick “Pixel Prof” Jushchyshyn from Drexel University will show how iOS Pro LiDAR scans and photogrammetry from standard cameras and drones can be used to virtually recreate real locations within Unreal Engine.

00:00 Start
00:03:26 The Opal Webcam claims to be “the first professional webcam” and is paired with “Opal Composer”. “MicMesh” for audio. Curly cable. $250 Is the claim justified? [link]
00:07:54 Rode wireless pro, worthwhile upgrade or yet another new device we don’t need. Thoughts? Is timecode really critical for that many workflows
00:19:00 Is Zoom or any Zoom apps able to send live captioning as a separate feed?
00:20:20 Problem solved with BMD DaVinci yesterday…I’ll share.
00:21:20 Zoom shares rose as much as 8% in extended trading on Monday after the video-calling software provider announced fiscal second-quarter results that exceeded analysts’ expectations. Revenue $114 billion vs $112b expected by analysts. Comment.
00:34:49 What hardware would you recommend for experimenting with self-hosted LLMs (and other AI technology) on a personal level?
00:36:25 The other day, I asked about an ‘all-in-one’ camera. People leapt to the Sony ZV-E10, but that’s not an ‘all-in-one’. Think cam-corder. A video-first camera, with at least FHD live HDMI output, for connection to an ATEM. Suggestions?
00:45:33 How would you produce an amazon product review with two products and no unboxing?
00:48:10 What are the implications of New York Times considering lawsuits agains Open AI?
00:50:46 stupid question, maybe I’m missing something, I use AI occasionally for graphic stuff, but what are you guys using all this AI for?
00:54:34 I’ve been experimenting with Bing Chat (powered by GPT-4), and I’m blown away by the quality and detail of its output in comparison to GPT-3.5 or Google Bard. Why do you think GPT-4 is so much better?
00:55:38 Looking for your opinion on an hdmi cable signal amplifier for long runs. I am considering the Legrand C2G inline extender. thoughts? [link]
00:56:32 Given how popular Sony cameras are, would BMD do way better if they supported remote control of other makes of camera such as Sony? BMD don’t seem too responsive to requests like this, unfortunately!
00:57:17 Does ios and or iPadOS have features that use timecode audio? Jamsync?
00:58:41 If i want a decent “low end” vr camera to shoot trade show stuff for oculus… what do you recommend? stepping up from samsung cameras (don’t laugh)
00:59:39 In after hours yesterday we were marveling at the Innovativ Deploy Workstation which is mobile 19″ rack with bicycle like tires. Comment. [link]
01:00:06 The surplus Dell PowerEdge R430 server I have has two PCIe 3.0 slots. Could an NVIDIA RTX 4000-series card fit in it? ([link])

01:02:15 *** LiDAR & Photogrammetry for Unreal ***
01:36:02 Imagine using LIDAR for sports analytics. Picture tracking player movements and positions in real-time, identifying trends, and unlocking new insights in athletic performance. Fantasy or reality?
01:36:51 Nick, have you used LiDAR to create Vectorworks or SketchUp drafts? If so, what needs to be done to take the raw LiDAR scans to convert them to a file VW or SU can open? I don’t have a lot of exposure to LiDAR, but find this case interesting.
01:38:41 Currently, I have an iPhone 14 Plus I got from a Verizon promotion. For someone wanting to get into LiDAR/photogrammetry, should I get an iPad Pro or trade the Plus in for a Pro Max?
01:41:02 Can matterport scans be exported to unreal engine? What’s the workflow to do that?
01:45:37 Nick, it’s incredible how responsive the NDI feed is from your iPad! How are you getting such smooth video? (I’d think WiFi would be a lot laggier.)
01:46:31 Any tips for a matterport workflow where you’re cycling models in and out of offline archival storage?
01:48:01 Could the same real-time display/analytics concepts be applied to medical imaging data (CT/MRI, for example) if you could get the data into Unreal? Could you see Unreal/Unity being part of medical imaging pipelines?
01:50:07 is all the free software any good to do these? what software is absolutely a must have and what kind of pricetag can we expect to produce these results?
01:53:37 For someone new to LiDAR, what are the commonly used scanners, and their ballpark price points?
01:55:25 have you done any 3d prints of these models?
01:56:34 What would you recommend for learning UE5? Would the Epic “first hour” training be the best place to start?
01:57:35 Can you evaluate my setup for matterport scans?
02:01:02 Where can someone get training to do this type of work for real estate and location scouting?

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