Camera Rigging 8/24/23

00:05:38 Update on Midjourney from yesterday’s Midjourney’s “Office Hours” with CEO David Holz
00:14:32 Morning Everyone! With the rise of services like Descript and where high quality local recordings are uploaded to the cloud, are “beefy” computers necessary when sending out remote kits?
00:17:56 WD releases firmware updates for SanDisk SSDs. Thoughts?
00:19:55 Who wins this cage match? Sony’s new $2,200 ZV-E1 or a maxed out iPhone 14 Pro Max running iOS 17?
00:22:32 When sending out mic kits to interviewees, has anyone experimented with including a long ethernet cable and USB dongle for the folks that are only using Wi-Fi? That router’s gotta be somewhere!
00:25:12 How would a MV7 hold up in a live environment? Recording in a bookstore so not a lot of ambient noise.
00:29:01 Hi everyone, I have installed a meraki wifi system in an office with 5 access points. When on a zoom call and you move around the office is it normal for zoom to stop working.
00:29:56 Does Magewell or AWS Link support NDI input? If they did would you consider using this rather than SDI input?
00:32:53 Can you suggest some reliable 1080P live-stream capture cards for ~$100? NOT BlackMagic (BM SDK issues). Thanks!
00:33:47 Have you seen “Amazon Inspire”, a TikTok-like shopping feed that supports both photos and videos?
00:36:40 What voodoo did “Pixel Prof” Nick use on Tue’s show to sound SO good with his Yeti mic? Seemed a bit far from him, fairly off axis, looked like lots of flat hard surfaces in the (actual) room, and yet sounded great for an interview!
00:38:44 Probably should have asked this on the audio day… space is limited at the office. Are these mobile “isolation booths” worth consideration for “run and gun” V.O. work?
00:41:43 Have you seen the tour through the new Formula 1 technology centre in Biggin Hill UK where everything is remotely controlled on all F1 races across the world? Video: (vid in Dutch but mostly English spoken)
00:44:10 Labels for cables, racks, patch panels, equipment. Text, graphics, logo, QR code, bar code and various colors. Is there a single solution for all these and what is the favourite out there. And what about glue types, material, ease of use and cost?
00:47:36 For connecting a DAW (with virtual instruments) to a Dante network, would DVS or a hardware Dante device (like the RME Digiface Dante) be better?
00:48:29 How do you show how your space flows with the flythrough app for iOS?
00:52:00 Salvaged an AJA FS1 from an old location. What are some real life practical uses of this handy device
00:53:53 Getting hardware vendors to support modern codecs, like AV1, is frustrating. Let’s brainstorm about how to receive 2110 video via IP on a MacMini. Would you feel comfortable with such an encoding/compression/streaming solution in production?
00:54:41 Thanks to the help from the after hours crew I’ve got my synology snap replication working. IIt’s currently replicating 35 tb of data however the destination is not showing any files. Do I have to be patient and wait 23 hours for the first backup
00:55:38 What does the panel think of the Yamaha DM3? From my observation, the “one-knob” interface seems to be a lot less efficient for live mixing.
00:58:30 What are the costs and benefits you gain from subscribing to ElevenLabs? Clone your own voice or a voice you have a permission and rights to. Only you have access to the voices you create.

Tools and techniques for mounting and operating cameras. Cheese plates, quarter twenty, three eights oh my.

00:00 Start
01:04:55 *** Camera Rigging ***
01:25:57 What types of quick release systems do you use for cameras and have you considerd to switch to somthing else?
01:31:17 Would the SmallRig line of products be what you’d use for a remote kit?
01:38:57 How do you account for car mounting or any shaking while moving that may jar loose components?
01:44:03 Can Alex share the link to his “erector set” that he shared?
01:45:46 What are your thoughts on half-cages that try to preserve access to some of the ergonomics designed into the camera body?
01:47:45 looking for someone to make a custom 19mm to 15mm rod support adapter with a 6.5″ drop. any ideas?
01:49:02 When adding a video camera to a tripod I prefer a ball to a flat plate as it is much easier to get level in my opinion. What does the panel think?
01:55:14 Hello this is Alejandro Guerrero and regards from Madrid, Spain. My question about rigging is: I bougth a Blackmagic Studio Pro 6k recently, which I love. But the camera has a big problem. It has no holes at all. Nothing to attach a camera tracker.…
01:57:22 Short right angle cords ? 3d printed camera doors that incorporate cords?
01:58:11 What special thought is needed for rigging a 180 or 360 camera?
02:01:11 rigging for an iphone?

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Amazon launches Inspire, a TikTok-like shopping feed that supports both photos and videos



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