Office Hours 9/11/23 summary

9/11/23 –  Office Hours today conversation covered a wide range of topics related to business communications:
– Many panelists noted that text-based communication like Slack, email, etc. is convenient but can lead to misunderstandings. Face-to-face communication is often better for complex topics.
– Nigel said the rise of text communication directly correlates with more misunderstandings in business. Text lacks the nuance and subtlety of in-person conversations.
– Panelists discussed how the tools they use for communication have changed over time, from phone systems to voicemail to email to Slack and other messaging platforms.
– John Preto talked about how when he started his company in 1990, they relied heavily on phone systems. But over time, employees started using personal phones and email more.
– Panelists recommended picking up the phone or meeting in person when text communication isn’t working well.

It was an “off day” for questions for me. I was busy buying a new home and selling an old condo.

Paul Walhus (Austin Texas)wal hus (Austin Texas atx)Ans: 9:23:45 AM
Ask: 8:15:42 AM
[General Questions] What’s the difference between a YouTube show that grows slowly and one that is an instant sensation?

Paul Walhus (Austin Texas)wal hus (Austin Texas atx)Ans: 9:56:13 AM
Ask: 8:17:22 AM
[General Questions] Research: ChatGPT uses an estimated 500ml of water for every five to 50 prompts; Microsoft disclosed the company’s water use spiked. Should we be concerned?

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