Questions I’m working on for Office Hours

  • Any thoughts on what Logitech just released and unabashedly calls “THE MOST FLEXIBLE “SHOW AND TELL” CAMERA 2-in-1 full HD webcam & overhead camera for creators, gamers, educators, & professionals.
  • Is Google’s Search Engine Smart or Sneaky? A Court Will Decide Googles search dominance is going on trial in the biggest US antitrust case since a crackdown on Big Tech that started in 2019. If you were Judge in this case, what would you decide?
  • Can you demonstrate some exercises to do while sitting in a chair?
  • Will AI kill us? Can it be regulated? What about China?
  • What is the lowest end, cheapest beelink type computer and highest end, expensive beelink style computer you would use?
  • Can there be a mechanism where the questioner provides the graphics as part of the question, that sort of happens with urls already but could it be systematized so it happens regularly
  •  How do you measure “no one left behind”?

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