Calvin Roberts on OH 9/14/23

1. Calvin Roberts’ background
– Started out shooting documentaries in the newsreel era
– Worked as a freelance cinematographer shooting for networks in the 1970s
– Has shot footage in many conflict zones and war zones around the world like Cambodia, Burma, Philippines, Libya
– Has trained and worked with local film crews in places like Rwanda, China, and Mexico
– Has shot for projects like Ultraviolet and Star Wars Episode 3
2. Challenges of shooting in the past
– Equipment was bulky and difficult to carry
– Had to rely on film which was expensive and difficult to process on location
3. Benefits of modern technology
– Equipment like DSLRs and smartphones provide much higher image quality but are smaller and easier to use
– Digital storage and processing makes it easier to shoot and manage footage on location
4. Examples of Calvin’s work
– Documentaries for news networks
– Footage from conflict zones showing military operations and local people

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