Questions for Office Hours Thursday, Sept 14 Show

Questions for Office Hours Panel – see Mukana

Two new iCloud plans launch on September 18. “Somewhat remarkably, the in-person crowd of more than 300 Apple acolytes and members of the global press were more enthused by the new iCloud tiers than they were by the iPhones’ new USB-C port”

What’s the best strategy for upgrading a maxed out iPhone 14 Pro Max to an iPhone 15 Pro Max? Carrier like Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T, Visible, Mint Mobile. Or Apple via shipping or Apple Store?

Where’s the best place in Northern Cal, Oregon, Washington, or British Columbia to work from home and stay fit? Or would you be better off in the South, Midwest or ?

Alaskans, stay in Alaska. People in the Midwest and the Pacific Northwest, sit tight. Scientists trying to predict the consequences of climate change say that they see few havens from the storms, floods and droughts that are sure to intensify over the coming decades. But some regions, they add, will fare much better than others. Forget most of California and the Southwest (drought, wildfires). Ditto for much of the East Coast and Southeast (heat waves, hurricanes, rising sea levels). Washington, D.C., for example, may well be a flood zone by 2100, according to an estimate released last week. Instead, consider Anchorage. Or even, perhaps, Detroit. “If you do not like it hot and do not want to be hit by a hurricane, the options of where to go are very limited,” said Camilo Mora, a geography professor at the University of Hawaii and lead author of a paper published in Nature last year predicting that unprecedented high temperatures will become the norm worldwide by 2047. “The best place really is Alaska,” he added. “Alaska is going to be the next Florida by the end of the century.” – NY Times

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