Sunday Philosophical Questions

A look at the proliferation of pirated movies and TV shows on TikTok, posted as small clips by accounts that don’t appear to make any money from the content. Discuss.
Ashlee Vance / Bloomberg takes a look at D Billions, a network of YouTube channels run by Kyrgyzstan-based media company AWA and which got billions of views by teaching kids words via songs Talk about it. Comment.
Can there be a mechanism where the questioner provides the graphics as part of the question, that sort of happens with urls already but could it be systematized so it happens regularly?
How do you measure “no one left behind”?
Is Google’s Search Engine Smart or Sneaky? A Court Will Decide Googles search dominance is going on trial in the biggest US antitrust case since a crackdown on Big Tech that started in 2019. If you were Judge in this case, what would you decide?
Lifting the Veil, Behind the Scenes of Ehrengard is an off the charts behind the scenes view of the sets and costumes of Ehrengard. What are other great “behind the scenes” films? This was just released on Netflix.
TikTok’s US staff complain about a new internal app to track office attendance; TikTok requires most staff to be in the office three times a week from October. Trend? Comment?
What is the lowest end, cheapest beelink type computer and highest end, expensive beelink style computer you would use?
Where’s the best place in Northern Cal, Oregon, Washington, or British Columbia to work from home and stay fit? Or would you be better off in the South, Midwest or ?
Will AI kill us? Can it be regulated? What about China?
Will you experience CloudWorld On Air for free and catch keynotes, sessions, and Oracle TV with interactive live streams and on-demand content? Or will you just go to Vegas and see it IRL?
You thoughts on Apple’s Wonderlust event, including the Mother Nature skit, Apple Watch, iPhone 15 lineup, the AirPods Pro 2 and iPhone 15 Pro Max.

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