What did we learn at IBC2023?

1. New products from various companies at IBC:
– Tilta launched a new follow focus system called the Nano 2.
– Canon released a new IP1000 PTZ controller with support for controlling up to 200 cameras.
– ZCAM launched the M5G camera with 5K resolution, global shutter, and high frame rates up to 116 fps.
– Aperture launched new solar-powered LED panels that are only 1 inch thick and IP66 rated.
– Moses showcased their StarTracer system for camera tracking.
– Skaarhoj demonstrated their RCP Pro remote control panel for controlling Sony FX6 and FX9 cameras.
– Vmix announced new features like improved layer mixer, Av1 encoding support, and Zoom integration.
– AJA launched new Dante AV 4K transmitters and receivers for sending and receiving 4K video over Dante networks.
– Central Control released a new cross-platform version that runs on Linux and MacOS in addition to Windows.
– Xkeys showcased their new modular control panels and fader modules.
2. Key themes:
– Remote and virtual production technologies like camera tracking, virtual backgrounds, and IP-based video transmission.
– Interoperability between products from different manufacturers.
– The value of seeing products in person to understand their capabilities and limitations.

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