Office Hours Summary Tuesday

Thanks for the todays Office Hours! Here’s a summary of our conversation:

1. Super sources
– Multiple video windows composited together
– Black Magic calls it a “super source”
– Can be created in Photoshop, Keynote, PowerPoint, etc.
– Can have graphics above or below the video windows
– Graphics above make it easier to rearrange the video windows
2. Considerations when creating super sources
– Purpose of the super source
– Other elements in the frame (questions, bugs, etc.)
– Using cooler background colors to make people stand out
3. Challenges with hardware switchers
– Limited number of video windows per super source
– Difficult to animate moving super sources
– Mix Effect Pro can help
4. Advantages of software switchers
– Unlimited number of video windows
– Easier to animate and move super sources
– Potential performance issues on the computer
5. Using replicators in Motion to create looping backgrounds for super sources

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