19 Office Hours Questions Saturday 8/19/23

1 00:04:47 Zoom live streaming app released in beta. It allows streaming to multiple platforms like Facebook, YouTube and Twitch simultaneously. Has anyone tried this yet and how does it differ from and the way OH streams to youtube now?

2 00:36:30 Twitch plans to roll out a long-requested anti-harassment feature within weeks that automatically blocks a streamer’s banned users from watching their streams. Will this catch on w other platforms. Comment.

3 00:47:36 Is this the mute button to end all mute buttons? On Air Warning illuminated covers your mic and cam and looks totally cool. [link]

4 00:50:52 Does Sharper Image have any cool, useful gadgets or devices?

5 00:59:55 What is a recommended floor matt for an office, prefer something soft or rubberized that will handle a lot of chair movement.

6 01:04:34 What is “Windows Hello” and when should you use it?

7 01:08:37 Lyft and Uber threaten to leave Minneapolis if the mayor signs a minimum wage ordinance by August 23 mandating at least $1.40/mile and $0.51/minute for drivers. Discuss.

8 01:12:29 Discuss how robots equipped with cameras, sensors, AI, and lasers are helping spot and repair problems with bridges, ships, and other critical infrastructure in US

9 01:16:56 We love the beelink, but there is an upper tier of mini pcs with names like MINISFORUM, GMKtec. $600-800… Thoughts? [link]

10 01:19:06 Nestlé, Unilever, and other big advertisers are experimenting with using generative AI ads, but many remain wary of the security, copyright, and data bias risks. Discuss.

11 01:22:23 I was in a dive bar and overheard some guy saying “There versions of every product coming out of China, one high and another low quality . . . ” What was he talking about and what did I miss?

12 01:29:37 Is there a quad monitor bigger than the LG 43” ?

13 01:30:47 Alex we had a rapidfire Q&A on day 2 and you were dashing from booth to booth with Nick J, how did this go at your end?

14 01:36:21 The City of Austin saved the Hole in the Wall music bar with a 1.6 mil grant, is this a thin ray of hope for Austin’s weird past

15 01:51:46 Canadian Heritage Minister Pascale St-Onge demands that Meta lift its “reckless” news ban on Facebook and Instagram for the safety of people fleeing wildfires. Comment.

16 01:53:20 Cruise complies California DMV request to cut its fleet by 50% as the regulator probes “recent concerning incidents” involving Cruise robotaxis. What is Cruise? I’m in TX

17 01:55:18 A district court judge upheld a US Copyright Office finding that artwork created by AI isn’t eligible for copyright protection because it lacks human authorship. Agree?

18 01:57:52 Amazon offers creators up to $12,500 for 500 videos, or $25 per video, for its TikTok-like shopping feed; creators typically charge $200+ per video. Thoughts? [link]

19 01:59:31 US intelligence agencies warn China and Russia are targeting private US space companies and preparing cyberattacks that could disable satellites in a conflict. What me worry?


Paul on the panel Thursday 9/7/23

I got a little more relaxed on today’s panel and I had to leave after the first hour but I got in a few answers and a real nice exchange with Chris about Final Cut vis a vis Da Vinci Resolve.  I am still leaning toward putting my energy in to Resolve despite Chris’ excellent points about the easier learning curve for Final Cut Pro.

I am learning Resolve because it is a. free and b. cross platforms and these are huge pluses for me.  Resolve is the future. Final Cut is the present.

It was a relief to get away from my relentless stream of questions and to start answering other peoples questions for a change.

Above youtube video: 10:05 Now answering question from @Paul Walhus: [General Questions] Apple, Nvidia, Alphabet, Intel, Samsung, AMD, Synopsys, and others plan to invest between $25M and $100M each in Arm’s IPO; Amazon decided against. What is the significance of this?