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Mukana Chat Links for 2023-08-09 – my question about Behringers new products coming out of a discussion with Leo Mindel


Questions for future OfficeHours.Global shows

An LK-99 room temperature “meme coin” skyrocketed in early trading $3 mil volume in first 24 trading hours. What is a “meme coin” like this and Dogecoin which is becoming the currency of X formerly twitter?
Discuss how luxury brands — MIT, Apple, Hermès, etc. — are built on artificial choking via supply pricing strategies, production, and visas.
Discuss whether apple is a luxury brand and/or uses production capacity to artificially inflate prices.
In crypto, PayPal launches a Stablecoin in the latest crypto payments push. Will this be the breakthrough crypto needs right now?
Is the FX-4CR the most incredible radio you’ve ever seen? TX and RX on 80-6m 2.0″TFT display screen Spectrum display and 48 kHz waterfall plot Dual VFO operation (VFO A and B) with split mode operation $550
Is the Infiniray Thermal Camera for Android, Infiray Infrared Camera, 256×192 IR Resolution, -4℉ to 1112℉ Temperature Range Thermal Imaging Camera with 40mk Thermal Sensitivity a decent buy at $300?
Is there a quad monitor bigger than the LG 43” ?
Robert Green can you tell us about your journey in the industry?
Shortwave, the email app that works like Inbox by Gmail, finally has a native Android app as well as an ios app. Is this something that will be useful?
Talk about: OpenAI rolls out GPTBot Website owners can limit GPTBot access. GPTBot is a web crawler to improve AI models. GPTBot scrupulously filters out data sources that violate privacy and other policies.
Thread protocol robust mesh network designed to solve smart homes biggest problems. Can everyone can agree on how to use it?
TV of the year is $1300 on amazon for 55″ Class OLED S90C, too good to pass up? And open boxes around a grand.
What are the top most stable crypto currencies?

Heard it on the grapevine

If we did a show after OfficeHours.Global commenting on the show would you watch it?


A tent and a cargo container together

My favorite part of this video is seeing two of my favorite things together: a 16 x 32 Army tent and a cargo container. Thanks DC!

In Office Hours, Douglas C turned me on to this great youtube video about restoring comms to Kuwait



AfterHours.Party: Austin, USA and World Tech News

Working on a tech news show.

Coming sometime.


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