Paul on the panel Thursday 9/7/23

I got a little more relaxed on today’s panel and I had to leave after the first hour but I got in a few answers and a real nice exchange with Chris about Final Cut vis a vis Da Vinci Resolve.  I am still leaning toward putting my energy in to Resolve despite Chris’ excellent points about the easier learning curve for Final Cut Pro.

I am learning Resolve because it is a. free and b. cross platforms and these are huge pluses for me.  Resolve is the future. Final Cut is the present.

It was a relief to get away from my relentless stream of questions and to start answering other peoples questions for a change.

Above youtube video: 10:05 Now answering question from @Paul Walhus: [General Questions] Apple, Nvidia, Alphabet, Intel, Samsung, AMD, Synopsys, and others plan to invest between $25M and $100M each in Arm’s IPO; Amazon decided against. What is the significance of this?